Hi Folks by this article i will make an recommendation about the best way to modularize iOS react native app’s that i ever know

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Why modularization ?

When i work on mono repos, most of times code is very coupled and not shareable with other teams or apps. Otherwise when we have a great strategy of modularization, apps became uncoupled, fasters, code is more cleaner, we get less code conflict and easy to maintain.

Steps to create a React Native App modular

  1. Create a Core App (I Prefer do in Native Code).
  2. Create as much you needs React Native Modules.
  3. Use this to open modules from Core app.
  4. Keep updating the core modules by some dependency injection

The final Result ?

This image show a modular app execution

I’m working in something very similar at work that i’m. If anyone want to check more in details this Github project could be achieved here.

Finally !

I need write more about it, this is a very short story that i had to share because its a subject that i personal love. But if you need more information or i got a new learning with you, i would be happy to stretch this.

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